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The Seasonal Shift Theory

The content portal website, Helium, has published another article on the great white referencing the seasonal shift theory put forward in a introductory feature article on this site.

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The Great White ‘Mean Season’ of 1976

Associated Content has published another article on the 1976 ‘Mean Season’ highlighting two theories that were dominant during this period: The ‘foodstock shortage theory’ and the ‘coldwater theory.’
It is interesting to note that the ‘coldwater’ theory is still adhered to by many Capetonians probably because there are so few sightings or bites in the Atlantic Zone between Table Bay and Llandudno.
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Gansbaai shark attack: Did the Telegraph get it wrong?

The British Telegraph newspaper, like many others, suggested that the fatal great white attack on a perlemoen diver in Gansbaai recently might be the result of commercial shark cage diving that assists in attracting great whites closer to shore.

“In recent years some experts have warned the increase in commercial “shark dive tourism” has encouraged great whites to inhabit shallower waters,” said The Telegraph.

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Great whites “carefully” devour whale carcass in False Bay

Alison Kock and her shark research team have just finished a nine-day experiment in which 30 great whites were studied tearing apart a 36ft Brydes whale that had been towed away from the False Bay shoreline to protect bathers.

But ‘tearing up’ is perhaps not the right term.

Instead, the sharks used their razor-sharp teeth like cutlery to precisely cut out the ‘softer’ portions of the carcass, while virtually ignoring the hard carcass.

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