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City of Cape Town issues alert after possible great white sighting at Clifton Second Beach

Alison Kock has just informed Clifton Shark Files that the City of Cape Town has issued a strong alert warning to bathers to exercise caution after possible great white sightings along the Atlantic seaboard at Clifton Second Beach by the Camps Bay police department via an unidentified witness. “Apparently a member of the public took […]

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The Seasonal Shift Theory

The content portal website, Helium, has published another article on the great white referencing the seasonal shift theory put forward in a introductory feature article on this site.

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The Great White ‘Mean Season’ of 1976

Associated Content has published another article on the 1976 ‘Mean Season’ highlighting two theories that were dominant during this period: The ‘foodstock shortage theory’ and the ‘coldwater theory.’ It is interesting to note that the ‘coldwater’ theory is still adhered to by many Capetonians probably because there are so few sightings or bites in the […]

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Gansbaai shark attack: Did the Telegraph get it wrong?

The British Telegraph newspaper, like many others, suggested that the fatal great white attack on a perlemoen diver in Gansbaai recently might be the result of commercial shark cage diving that assists in attracting great whites closer to shore. “In recent years some experts have warned the increase in commercial “shark dive tourism” has encouraged […]

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Great whites “carefully” devour whale carcass in False Bay

Alison Kock and her shark research team have just finished a nine-day experiment in which 30 great whites were studied tearing apart a 36ft Brydes whale that had been towed away from the False Bay shoreline to protect bathers. But ‘tearing up’ is perhaps not the right term. Instead, the sharks used their razor-sharp teeth […]


Podcast: Peter Basford’s clash with a great white on Nov 3, 1976

1976 Great White Encounter: Fourth Beach, Cliftion. Interview with Peter Basford, spearfisherman from Clifton Shark Files Reporter on Vimeo. On November 3, 1976, Peter Basford clashed with a great white off Fourth Beach, leaving him visibly shaken. Little did he know that several weeks later Geoffrey Kirkham Spence would be bitten by a great white […]


THOMAS P. PESCHAK: “South Africa’s Great White Shark”

For the Save our Seas Foundation Thomas photographs primarily shark and ray research and conservation projects all around the world and is probably best known for his image of a great white shark following a researcher in a small yellow kayak.

Save Our Seas

Save Our Seas Shark Center

The Save Our Seas Shark Centre has been an unprecedented success story. Alison Kock and her team of fellow researchers and collaborators continue to provide the only source of scientific information on white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) activity and behaviour patterns from their population in Cape Town, South Africa. Rethink the Shark from Save Our Seas […]