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Clifton Shark Files focuses on generating new insights, testimony and research relating to the events of November 27, 1976, during which Goeffrey Kirkham Spence was bitten by a Great White at Clifton Fourth Beach.

The Atlantic Zone between Table Bay and Llandudno remains largely under-researched and mysterious in terms of great white behavior, with most scientists (and media) focusing on False Bay.

This is largely due to limited funding, but also partly because False Bay remains a more glamorous research locale, due to the acknowledged visible presence of great whites around seal island.

Other factors, of course, also play a role, including the predominance of great white bites (and attacks) on the False Bay side of the ocean.

Yet the 1976 incident suggests a possible watershed moment in understanding why great whites attack humans and simultaneously dispel many myths built up over the years with regards great white behavior.

Time is running out to locate individuals who witnessed the event and who could possibly shed more light on one of the most rare happenings on earth: A great white shark bite on a human.

Clifton Shark files is dedicated to that pursuit.

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