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THOMAS P. PESCHAK: “South Africa’s Great White Shark”

For the Save our Seas Foundation Thomas photographs primarily shark and ray research and conservation projects all around the world and is probably best known for his image of a great white shark following a researcher in a small yellow kayak.
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Shark Attack in Southern African Waters and Treatment of Victims

The following excerpt is one of the rare scientific accounts of the 1976 Clifton shark attack detailing how Jeff Spence was attacked by a Great White off Fourth Beach on 27 November.

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Who is Hans Hass?

Hans Hass has influenced many divers, spear fisherman and those with a general love for the ocean. These include persons mentioned (e.g. Peter Basford) in the articles on this site who are attached to the 1976 shark bite in some way.

He has been involved in a number of documentaries including Under The Red Sea
and has written a diverse range of books:

Challenging the Deep

Diving To Adventure – Harpoon And Camera Under the Sea

We come from the sea

Manta;: Under the Red Sea with spear and camera

But, who exactly is Hans Hass? There is no better way to answer this question than by using his own words:

Let me introduce myself. I’m a natural scientist, am currently 88 years old, and spent the first half of my life as a marine biologist, where I led numerous expeditions to tropical seas.

Back then I was mostly interested in the behaviour of fishes in coral reefs, especially of sharks, which even today most people consider to be very dangerous. In 1960 my interest shifted to the study of evolution, to the origin of humans, their economic structures and political organisations.

In recent years I have come to realise that unchecked population growth has become a major threat.

Our species once reproduced at a slow rate. Whereas the human population remained relatively stable from the dawn of recorded time up to the early 19th century, it leaped to 1 billion by the late 19th century. In the 20th century the increase was explosive; by 1950 we numbered 2 billion, by 2000 6 billion. This dangerous trend continues unabated.

In his later years, Hass has pursued something called the “Energon Theory” which he describes as ” is the result of decades of intensive research and focuses on the energetic basis of life.”.

Curious to know more about this famous diver and ecologist? Visit the Hans Hass home page