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A special thanks goes out to the tireless efforts of Ronel Rogers at The National Library of South Africa who showed great patience and resourcefulness in helping me find a number of articles from the archives.

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Sharks may be a bigger threat

Weekend Argus, Early November: GREAT WHITE sharks around the Cape coast could pose a far more dangerous threat to surfers and swimmers during the next few months than they have in the past. According to spokesman for the Department of Sea Fisheries, the reduced clubbing of seals has meant there are more seals around the […]


Hundreds of sharks shot at Clifton, says resident

Cape Times, November 29, 1976: SHARKS are not unusual at Clifton and “hundreds” have been shot over the years, including the notorious white death and hammerhead types. This emerged in an interview yesterday with Mr. A L Smorenburg, a Clifton resident who was born in a cottage on Fourth Beach, The scene of Saturday’s shark […]


Shark Victim Plans to Swim Again ‘Soon’

Cape Times, 29 November 1976: “I MUST get back into the water soon – otherwise reaction will set in and I may be too scared later on,” 19-year old submariner Jeff Spence told the Cape Times in hospital yesterday, where he is recovering after being savaged by a shark at Clifton on Saturday afternoon. The […]


Shark Attack at Clifton Beach

Weekend Argus, 27 November 1976: A YOUTH aged about 17 was badly mauled in a shark attack at Fourth Beach, Clifton, this afternoon before the eyes of horrified onlookers. The victim is a Mr Jeff Spence of Highlands, Johannesburg, who is doing his naval training at Simonstown in the submarine Maria van Riebeeck. He was […]


Davidson responds to “Sharks Should Thin The Mob”

Cape Times, 23 November 1976: THE last time I had reason I had reason to go into print over “PS”, by John Scott he been contemplating polluted waters off Mouille Point — on this occasion however (Cape Times, November 10, 1976) he has been down Muizenberg way. Incidentally, John, did you travel to False bay […]


P.S. By John Scott: Sharks Should Thin The Mob

Cape Times, 10 November 1976: THE recent of shark sightings and catchings near the Macassar beach in False Bay has hardly put off a single visitor to the Cape. Don’t they read the newspapers? I was hoping we might have a quiet summer for once. Let all the holidaymakers go to Durbs sun themselves this […]


He Hopes to Spear ‘The Submarine’

Weekend Argus, 6 November 1976: SHARK hunter Danie Schoeman of The Strand is the this weekend mounting his first big foray of the season in a self-imposed mission to rid False Bay of two Great Whites which, he claims, are becoming an increasing threat to fisherman in small boats. The two sharks are ‘The Submarine’ […]


False Bay Great Whites Turn Mean in 1976

False Bay Sharks Turn Mean

Weekend Argus, 23 November 1976: FISHERMEN from Gordon’s Bay and The Strand are perturbed about the apparent increase in the audacity and aggressiveness of sharks in their region of False Bay as the summer season approaches.