Sharks may be a bigger threat

Weekend Argus, Early November: GREAT WHITE sharks around the Cape coast could pose a far more dangerous threat to surfers and swimmers during the next few months than they have in the past.

According to spokesman for the Department of Sea Fisheries, the reduced clubbing of seals has meant there are more seals around the Cape Coast. They are eating 200,000 tones of fish each year and thus the shark is finding it increasingly difficult to find enough fish to satisfy its appetite.

As a result, sharks could be looking for new sources of food, including bathers.

Local shark hunter, Mr. Danie Schoeman, who caught a great white shark in False Bay a few weeks ago has been asked by the department to catch a shark for study purposes.

The contents of the shark’s stomach will be examined to discover whether the normal diet of local sharks is being supplemented by other food.

“We must have a great white as this is the one that has been threatening fishing boats and swimmers in the area recently. The one Schoeman caught last month was shipped to America whole so were unable to examine the stomach,” the spokesman said.

About 80,000 seals were clubbed to death off the South African coast last year, but following a pleas put forward by a team of conservationists, clubbing was thought to have decreased during the last season.

Weather permitting, Mr. Schoeman and local photographer, Mr. John Visser will search for great white sharks tomorrow.
“Three weeks of constantly bad weather has put us behind schedule. We hope to either get the “Submarine” or “Spotty” and Mr. Visser will film the catch for overseas television,” said Mr. Schoeman yesterday.

He added that he had also been approached by the South African Museum to catch a shark for them.

Afterward Mr. Schoeman and Mr. Visser intend traveling to Mauritius to catch hammerhead shark.

“We also hope to go to the Seychelles where we’ll search for the bronze whales which can be up to 18 metros long.”

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