Hundreds of sharks shot at Clifton, says resident

Cape Times, November 29, 1976: SHARKS are not unusual at Clifton and “hundreds” have been shot over the years, including the notorious white death and hammerhead types.

This emerged in an interview yesterday with Mr. A L Smorenburg, a Clifton resident who was born in a cottage on Fourth Beach, The scene of Saturday’s shark attack, and has lived in the area for 50 years.

His father, Mr. Court AA Smorenburg, was 32 years as the City Council’s caretaker-superintendent at Clifton, and during that time carried out more than 200 sea rescues and became an expert at shooting sharks from the beach.

“He shot hundreds of sharks, some from very close inshore and many varieties. On one occasion, I remember him shooting a big hammerhead just off Fourth Beach,” said Mr. Smorenburg.

Newspaper files on Mr. Smorenburg senior quote him as saying that a number of people had narrow escapes from sharks though only one fatal attack has been recorded.

In his view, the sharks followed periodic warm currents into Table Bay. When these disappeared, taking the fish with them, the sharks began to forage for food close inshore. The temperature at Clifton at the time of the latest attack was 18 C.
Mr. Elkan Green, director of the Cape Town Festival , yesterday said he thought the shark attack would make very little difference to up-country holiday plans in the Peninsula this Christmas.
“Something like this happens so seldom that barring another attack, of course, it will probably be forgotten about by Christmas,” he said

Photo Caption
Fourth Beach, Clifton, yesterday afternoon was deserted after a shark attack on Mr. Jeff Spence on Saturday. An X marks the area where he was attacked as he was swimming towards some yachts anchored off the beach.

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