He Hopes to Spear ‘The Submarine’

Weekend Argus, 6 November 1976: SHARK hunter Danie Schoeman of The Strand is the this weekend mounting his first big foray of the season in a self-imposed mission to rid False Bay of two Great Whites which, he claims, are becoming an increasing threat to fisherman in small boats.

The two sharks are ‘The Submarine’ – an awesome creature estimated by those who claim to have seen it between four and seven metres – and ‘Spotty’ a smaller but reputedly more aggressive shark that owes its nickname to some distinct white spots on its back.

However, while few fisherman dispute the existence of the two sharks – there are numerous well documented sightings of ‘The Submarine’ in particular – they are sharply divided on the question of whether they should be hunted.

There are many who feel the sharks have not and will not deliberately attack fishermen’s boat, that they are not a threat to bathers and that they and other sharks actually aid fishermen by helping keep down the seal population.


Danie Schoeman and those that support his views are convinced, however, that it is necessary to get rid of the sharks.

“Spotty in particular, is a nasty bit of work,” said Mr. Schoeman. “He charges anything in the water. There’s no question that the sharks have become more aggressive. Nowadays most of the people I know take a weapon with them when they go fishing off Macassar – anyone who does not is simply asking for trouble.”

“I take a homemade assegai but some of the chaps even take guns. I think we need to get rid of these sharks. The number of incidents involving them is increasing and I feel it is only a matter of time before something really dreadful happens.”


The last time Mr. Schoeman saw ‘The Submarine’ was in January this year.

I actually had him on the line but he simply bent back my specially imported hook as if it were a piece of wire and he got away,” he said.

“He’s so powerful, that I don’t think we – even the tunny fishermen – have the equipment to catch him. However, we’ll see. This season for shark fishing, I’m using nylon rope, special hooks and buoy to keep the bait up.”

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