Davidson responds to “Sharks Should Thin The Mob”

Cape Times, 23 November 1976: THE last time I had reason I had reason to go into print over “PS”, by John Scott he been contemplating polluted waters off Mouille Point — on this occasion however (Cape Times, November 10, 1976) he has been down Muizenberg way.

Incidentally, John, did you travel to False bay by car — or do the noble thing and say “better far om petrol to bespaar to travel SAR”?

Your piece on nervousness (P.S., “Sharks Should Thin The Mob”) by your fictions Rhodesian relatives had us in fits of laughter — regrettably since my office is on the floor above the tourist information bureau I missed the hilarity.

However, Anita Ransmayr, who took your call, tells me she had the other two information assistants as well as two or three tourists who happened to be in the bureau at the same time straining to hear, for she realized it was a “put-pup job” and kept her cool as she went along with you.

When it was all over the suppressed laughter was allowed its full rein, one of the tourists thanked the staff for providing a floor show while they waited.
Seriously though – we are concerned and feel investigation and action, by provincial as well as local authorities is now required.

From Mr C Davidson, Director, Cape Peninsula Publicity Association, 23 November 1976.
Published Cape Times in response to the article “Sharks Should Thin The Mob” by John Scott in his column “P.S.” on 10 November 1976

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