While a number of people connected to the ’76 bite have been contacted for the articles published on this site, there are still many more that we have been unable to locate.

Perhaps you recognize some of the names mentioned in the articles or have further information, which may shed new light on events surrounding the attack? We would love to hear back from you!

Here is a list of people, named and unnamed, present that day that we are still searching for who we believe could offer new information on what took place that day at Fourth Beach Clifton on November 27, 1976.


  • Geoffrey Kirkham Spence
  • J.M Nel, Friend of Spence
  • Peter Kit, One of Spence‚Äôs rescuers
  • A.A Smorenburg, Clifton Resident
  • Peter Sieff, Clifton Resident
  • Paul Stevens, Clifton Lifesavers


  • Doctors who treated Spence in 1976
  • Lifesavers on duty in 1976
  • Girlfriend to Peter Basford in Nov, 1976


Anybody else who may have key information about that day in 1976 or may be a link to some of the individuals mentioned above.

Why Do We Need Your Help?

The bite on Spence took place over 30 years ago and time is running out to situate the 1976 event in the broader context of great white activity in the Atlantic Ocean.

There have only been three great white encounters throughout the entire 20th Century, between Table Bay and Llandudno.

Your input could shed new light on this forgotten incident in South African shark history.

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